Friday, June 26, 2009

'Tis funny when hubs is in shock

Well, not funny maybe, but it certainly was entertaining for this housewife. My best friend of 10 years, let’s call her salty (cause that woman lives off salt). Salty got laid off in her hometown, not in Texas. Salty realized that if she stayed in this town her life would keep on suckin’. So, salty asked to become part of the housewife clan.

After much deliberation, hubs and I decided that we would do salty the favor (hehheh) of letting her live with us in the spare bedroom. So, salty began her 2000 mile journey and arrived at our humble abode.

WHEREBY HUBS WAS STRUCK WITH THE FULL POWER OF FEMALE. See…salty is a little ditzy, a little boy crazy, and A LOT typical 24 year old. I mean, the woman is batshit crazy but I love her, most of the time. Lately she has been wearing on me. I keep trying though. Everything is wearing on me it seems. But I digress…
So, when struck with full woman straight on in the face, my 32 year old hubs gets a look of sheer terror mixed with thankfulness mixed with annoyance. It is such an interesting look that I wish I would break ranks and post a photo, but I shall not. Just….imagine it.

So, last night he tells me, as we are laying in bed watching our favorite crab fishing show “housewife, I am so glad you’re not a chick

Awww….Hubs is so sweet sometimes.