Friday, March 27, 2009

This boy broke my heart

Not because I loved him and he rejected me. Oh no. This boy took my best friend, my partner in crime, the person I love most in this world. He took my little sister away from me.

"No one can do that!" you say. And you would be right, sort of. The only person that can control me is me. Or so the saying goes. However, when faced with the prospect of marrying a boy comes around, well the little sister must take it.

This man is a classic abuser. I not only know that from experience, but I study said behavior to help prevent other women from falling victim to the abuse. He has not hit her, only verbal. But wow...the verbal.

And he trashed my house. tracked mud through it, left his chewing tobacco spit all over the place....I need my house to be clean so you can only imagine how angry I got about this.

So he proposed and I have lost my sister. I have told her before that I despise him, she thinks I am being a bitch. The last time he threatened to "teach her a lesson" I told her that he was on my kill list. And now she won't call. She will not return my calls.

Shall I admit defeat? Not just yet. I have a feeling he will Frack up yet a fourth time, and she will hopefully then realize him for who he is.

Oh, and before you tell me "you should go to the wedding, make up..." No. Frack no. And if she would return my calls I would tell her that same thing. I am not attending the wedding, I am not getting her a gift. She will have to find another maid of honor.

I can only hope that he will shoot his mouth off to the wrong person and then he will disappear.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick puppy eyes are the worst

So Doc Holiday (our corgi/Lab mix) fell ill this weekend (friday afternoon). He ran a fever of about 105 and would not move out of his crate. I had to carry him wherever we needed to go. Force feed him pedialyte and baby food. Ice baths every hour to help control the fever. Dosing him with aspirin. Clenching my hands and feeling helpless as I stand over his crate and will him to lift his head. He also had diarhea (no vomiting). I feared parvo even though he had been vaccinated. I took him to the vet Monday morning (thank goodness they took him, they were booked), and he had to stay there over night so that they could get him hydrated (I could not do enough with pedialyte and baby food in a syringe). They also had to ice the IV fluid to help with his fever, as their pain meds were not touching it.

After being up with this dog 24/7 over the weekend, then he spending the night in the hospital, I wanted answers. The blood tests and the fecal tests were negative for everything. The vet and I had a lengthy conversation, and after relaying my comings and goings over the past ten days, we narrowed it down to my trip to the pet store, I must have tracked something nasty in on my shoes...obviously they are not using disinfectant, or this is one hell of a superbug virus. I had never seen a dog so freaking sick. As of my umpteenth phone call to the vet 10 minutes ago, he was standing on his own and eating solid food...and he can go home tonight.

What can I do? I desperately asked. My dry sense of humor vet, whom I adore, says "Nothing to do, but I could sell you some pills to help you feel better about it"... Funny man.

He then said I could bleach my shoes when coming back from the pet store if I felt the need to. But Doc walks in and out of that place no problem...sigh...I think I finally got a glimpse of what it is like for parents to have sick babies this weekend. Hubs says that at least now I know I can pull 20 hour shifts nursing....yeah, he is funny too. At least the cat did not get sick, she claws and is a demon when she is even slightly annoyed, I can't imagine her sick.

Consider bleaching your shoes. Or, if you want to avoid the vet bill, maybe living in a bubble. I, for one, am getting pet insurance on the first and I am over scoffing at the premiums.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

No More Cherry for me

Well, I started a blog. No one will read it, and that's ok. It's probably going to be full of dry humor and really jaded point of views anyway. So my blog cherry has been popped. Good for me. Now on to bigger things, like, makeup or the latest cosmo magazine...

Just kidding. Seriously. I am not that kind of girl. I do not read magazines, nor do I wear girly clothes or focus on makeup. To the hubs pleasure I detest diamonds and cut flowers. Lucky him. Heh.

Trust me, I will get into it. For now, let's just start with the basics. I am in a committed relationship with a great man. I want children, don't have any yet. I work in a corporate world, blech. I am in nursing school, which is my dream. I will blog about my family, but not much. I am not to close with my family, so you will not hear much about them.

Mostly I will delight you with my wit and intellectual prowess...heh. More like I will make you feel better about your life when you compare it to mine, how is that?!

Signing off now, dear is to my hope for fame in the blogging world