Saturday, April 4, 2009

Social Contract

Short and sweet tonight dear Internet. Do you subscribe to the social contract? Interesting thing that. Apparently it means lying to people to make them feel better. Apparently it means that even when people ask you for the truth they want you to lie.

Well Frack that. Frack that and the horse it rode in on. I don't want B.S from people, and no one should want that from people.

So, consider cancelling your subscription Internet. I am not saying tell off anyone that has pissed you off, I am just saying that the next time someone asks you what you really think about this guy that you met and now they want snap judgement? Say what you have to say in an honest yet polite manner. No need to curse excessively or call them names.

And remember, always think before you speak; for if you are not ready to stand by your statement than you should never have made it.

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