Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's not the size of the keyboard but how many tears you shed on it

I’m a little pragmatic you see…no one would call me happy-go-lucky. I have lost to many people close to me to be dripping with gooey happiness all the time. I cry at sappy movies with animals in them, but with romantic comedies I always imagine that after the story ends the couple breaks up after the man comes home smashed and smacks her around. Maybe that was just my past life and I am just projecting. Life is safer this way, not hoping for the best out of people. Friends think I need therapy or God, I think I need to stay the course.

So, it was my utter shock to find myself shorting out my keyboard with tears and watering down my coffee with that dreaded substance I rarely see…saline coming out of my eyes. Over a girl I don’t even know. Well, I know what she writes. I know she puts her heart and soul into her kids. I know that many, many people need her and love her. I did not know I was one of those. I have never seen her in real life, only pictures. I visit her site, I leave comments on some posts, but overall I am a passerby, a stranger in the night if you will.

But when I found out hse had a stroke, I shut down. It was like when I found out my mom had cancer. Or being ripped away from the only family you have here because an asshole smacked me around. I went to my castle, got out my snuggie and feared the worst.

The bloggers I follow, Redneck Mommy and Her Bad Mother have done what I was pretty sure no one could do- they restored my faith in humanity. Those two crazy women who I laugh at, have shared tears with over the vastness that is the Internet, and most of all who I admire (Tanis would tell me I am crazy at this point) have shown me what it means to have close friends. I don’t know how far away those three women live from each other, but I know that with how much I have seen them supporting and praying for Anissa…well hell I believe nothing bad will ever happen again.

I don’t have the guts to tell them this on their sites of course, cause well, I’m a chickenshit. But it was more, I thought they deserved a post somewhere not buried in a comments section. Something that wanders could come upon. Some stranger in the night even.

Those three women, who I have never met, changed my life. I love them for it even if they will never know it.

I need more coffee b/c I cannot get hyperlinks to meet Red Neck Mommy go here: To meet Her Bad Mother go here

To see where Anissa lives on the Internet, go here Anissa I don't pray, but I will send you all the healing energy I can manage

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